About Us

Have you ever wondered what kicks off those extra inches and fat when you join an international level healh club? No amount of calorie counting or dite tips can reverse the swing of weight gain. What it takes is the expert approach, the friendly ambience, the technical support and motivation, And all of this and much more is now available at Millennium Health & Fitness house around.


Millennium in nutshell

So what is Millennium Health & Fitness It certainly is not just your run of the mill kind of a gym that only concentrates on making you stretch, run and bend. It is mission, a movement +at believes in transforming you completely as a person] The intenfion is purel We just want you to become fit, live a healthy life and while doing so enjoy every bit of  the minute you spend with us.


Enjoy your way to Fitness!


The concept of joining a health club and losing weight sounds boring to many. Are you one of those who have left fitness program halfway because you were simply not feeling motivated enough to continue? If that is so, then you should surely go through the fantastic state of art infrastructure and expertise that Millennium Health & Fitness offer you.

The aim is to make your stat at our place, exciting and fun-filled apart from the extra health rewords you are bound to get here.